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The Associate Leadership Council is comprised of agents and team administrators whose production ranks in the top 20% of the Keller Williams agents in the Market Center (Agency). They are selected by the Team Leader to serve for one year. The purpose of the ALC is to guarantee KW associates a vehicle for giving direct input into the operations of the local Market Center.

The ALC is actively involved in the leadership of the company, holding ownership and management accountable to the budget and to the goals of the Market Center (i.e., production, profit, education, culture, standards and principles).  The ALC acts as the Market Center’s “Board of Directors” and, as such, they are the guardians of the KW culture. A covenant agreement is entered into by all ALC members when they agree to serve.

One of the greatest aspects of the Keller Williams Realty model is the Agent Leadership Council. At Keller Williams Realty, associates have “input” into the policies of the company. Every Keller Williams market center has an ALC. There is also an Agent Leadership Council for each region of Keller Williams Realty as well an International ALC.

The local ALC members meet at least once per month and make major decisions in conjunction with the Team Leader and the Operating Partner. These meetings are open to all associates in the office.

Keller Williams Realty is the only real estate company that “opens the books” to the agents. Through the “open book” policy at Keller Williams, associates are encouraged to view the profit and loss statement monthly. Believing that people make better business decisions when they are treated like business people; there are no financial secrets in a Market Center.  This is particularly important at KW because the owners share about half of the profits with the associates each and every month! Through the Agent Leadership Council, agents have a voice in the expenditures of the office. 

Unlike traditional real estate companies, where blanketed decisions are made from a corporate office and applied to every one of their offices nationwide, at Keller Williams, the decisions for each office are made by the agents that are doing business in that particular office. Who knows better about what an agent needs in their particular market than the agents who are doing the most business in that market?

Locally owned and run, KW Maine invites you to meet our 2024 ALC.

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Belinda Desmond

Dubois-Cote, CJ 4-23 (1).jpg

CJ Dubois-Cote

Foden, Patti.jpg

Patti Foden

Harvey Brown, Kathy 1.jpg

Kathy Harvey-Brown

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Scott & Denise Reiff

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Cash Wiseman

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