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3 ways to send an earnest money deposit

-Clients initiate transfer from their location

-Clickable links with easy to follow instructions

-Safe and secure

-Guaranteed Funds

Easily Trackable

-Property Address and client name guaranteed to be associated with transfer

-Receipt of transfer acts as compliance requirement, sent directly to you

-$18 fee paid by sender/client

Wire Transfer

-Received same business day

-Fees associated with wiring funds depends on client's bank policy (usually $30)

-Wires do not usually come with the client name or property address, make sure to follow up with the MCA office

-Get confirmation of wire to upload to your opportunity to be compliant

-Ask MCA office for wiring instructions if you don't have them

***Be sure your client knows NEVER to wire money unless YOU SPECIFICALLY

ask them to.***

Bank or Personal Check

-Needs to be held for 10 business days before it can be released 

Coach Your Clients:

What does the check need?

1) Payable to Keller Williams Realty

2) Property Address on the memo line and agent name 

3) Keep a copy of the check to upload to your file for compliance

4) Confirm MCA office received check

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